Natural Gas, Liquid Fuels
& Petrochemicals from Coal,
Petcoke and Biomass

World CTX 2015: Focus on SHALE GAS Impact on Coal To X Development

The leading hub for coal conversion to high value products, World Coal To X will host its yearly conference in China from April 14 to April 17, 2015.

The overall program features:
– April 14 (Beijing): Coal To X Technologies with a practical focus;
– April 15 (Beiinjg): Plenary Sessions: energy security, projects, economics, shale gas
– April 16 (Beijing): Plenary Sessions: environment, roundtable on sahle gas impact, presentation ceremony of the 2015 World CTX Award;
– April 17 (Yinchuan, Ningxia Autonomous Region): visit of Ningdong Energy & Chemical Industry Base, the multi-plant industrial site of Shenhua Ningxia .

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World CTX Award 2014
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Production Costs of Alternative Transportation Fuels

The International Energy Agency published in the end of 2013 a study comparing the costs of alternative fuels produced from various feedstocks. Interesting results are shown on pages 23 and 24, where Coal To Liquids appears as the cheapest alternative fuel.

Trends in Gasification

According to a study implemented by Higman Consulting, Coal To X (the production of chemicals, natural gas and liquid fuels from coal and petcoke) will remain Gasification’s main application,  particularly in Asia. By 2018,
75% of gasification capacity will be in Asia/Pacific (mostly in China)
92% output will be chemicals, liquid fuels and gaseous fuels (rather than electricity)
85% of feedstock will be coal and petroleum coke.
To access the study, please visit the Gasification Technologies Council‘s website here. Then select Database, 2013, Annual Conference, Higman Consulting.